Project helpers- and sponsors panel

  • helpers- and sponsors panel for the Würzbacher Bauerntheater
  • made of aluminum
  • with individually designed and printed labels made of acrylic glass

Front panel in EMV-version

  • customized front panel made of aluminum in EMV-version
  • front painted and printed incl. press-fit
  • cuts are free of paint incl. production and flush mounting
    non-reflective acrylic sheet

Front panel for instrument

  • customized front panel made of aluminum
  • electrically conductive chromated
  • front painted and printed
  • inkl. press-fit

Front panel for flat input system

  • Front panel for flat input system
    with touch, milled and selectively coated

Front panel for mobile application

  • made incl. front- and back side supernatanted press-fit
  • electrically conductive chromated, front primed / painted
    by customer specifications
  • paint-free is the back side and the thread
  • press-fit front not visible
  • 2-color printed 
  • mounted light guide
  • 19"-pressed nipple attachment

Front panel 19"- 6HE, complete with supporting tray

  • incl. self-clinching studs
  • primed / painted RAL 7035

  • supporting tray:
    made of aluminum 2 mm/ 0.07 inch large,
    bent 414 x 300 x 95 mm/ 16.2 x 11.8 x 3.7 inch
    screwed to
    the front panel

Painted front panel 19"-6HE in special version, 2-color

Custom front panels made of plastic

Front panel FP42665-0002

  • made of aluminum 430x88x5 mm/ 16.92 x 3.46 x 0.19 inch
  • incl. levels mill for 1x display break out
  • 6 piece self-clinching studs M4 x 6 on the back
  • 4 piece press-in threaded inserts M3 x 8 on the back
  • surface: brushed and natural anodized E6/EV1
  • engraved contour
  • 1-color printing


  • made of acrylic
    GS 838/95,0 x 55,0 x 3mm/ 32.9/3.74 x 2.16 x 0.11 inch
  • color:with neutral density filters
  • incl. levels mill
  • backside glued into the mounting plate
  • 1-color in RAL 9010 printed

Front panels FP50433.0004 made of aluminum RAL 9005, 4-color printing

  • made of aluminum
  • incl. breakthroughs
  • 4 pages bent
  • incl. threaded bolts
  • front painted  RAL 9005
  • 4-color printed

Front panel for installation in two chamber enclosure

  • made of aluminum
  • incl. welding sockets with internal thread
  • 2-color version

Front panel profile

  • machined, engraved and designed

19"-Front panels 1HE and 3HE

  • made incl. custom breakthroughs
  • the back side is electrically conductive chromated
  • the front side is primed and smooth paintedaccording to customer regulations

Plug-in modules / Front panels for sub racks

  • made incl. custom breakthroughs
  • all sides natural anodised
  • optional: Back side electrically conductive, chromated

Flexible diplay system

Enamel finish, powder coating

  • View page and edge are enamelled
    RAL 7016 fine structure
  • Unpaintedis the back and thread

Front panel for tester



  • engraved and designed black


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