Front panels made by WÖHR

Front panels

in all shapes, colours and materials


Project helpers- and sponsors panel

  • helpers- and sponsors panel for the Würzbacher Bauerntheater
  • made of aluminum
  • with individually designed and printed labels made of acrylic glass

Front panel in EMV-version

  • customized front panel made of aluminum in EMV-version
  • front painted and printed incl. press-fit
  • cuts are free of paint incl. production and flush mounting a non-reflective acrylic sheet

Front panel for instrument

  • customized front panel made of aluminum
  • electrically conductive chromated
  • front painted and printed
  • inkl. press-fit

Front panel for flat input system

  • Front panel for flat input system with touch, milled and selectively coated

Front panel FP42665-0002


  • made of aluminum 430 x 88 x 5 mm /
    16.92 x 3.46 x 0.19 inch
  • incl. levels mill for 1x display break out
  • 6 piece self-clinching studs M4 x 6 on the back
  • 4 piece press-in threaded inserts M3 x 8 on the back
  • surface: brushed and natural anodized E6/EV1
  • engraved contour
  • 1-color printing


  • made of acrylic
    GS 838/95,0 x 55,0 x 3 mm /
    32.9/3.74 x 2.16 x 0.11 inch
  • color:with neutral density filters
  • incl. levels mill
  • backside glued into the mounting plate
  • 1-color in RAL 9010 printed

Front panel profile

  • machined, engraved and designed


Whether marking machines / inventory, legend plates for your equipment, we are your experienced and competent partner for industrial signs. Also we label company vehicles, exhibition stands and manufacture company signs, guidepost, planning boards...

Ask us your job!

Sign for barber shop
made of plastic, sandwich-panel, 5-colors, weatherproof/for outdoor

Fire brigade sign

  • made of aluminum 430 x 310 x 2 mm /
    16.9 x 12.2 x 0.07 inch
  • with 2 fixing holes
  • chromated and coated on all sides RAL 3001 smooth
  • 2-color (white and yellow) Plotterschrift

Front panel for tester

  • engraved and designed black

Front panel 19"- 6HE, complete with supporting tray

  • incl. self-clinching studs
  • primed / painted RAL 7035
  • supporting tray
    made of aluminum 2 mm / 0.07 inch large,
    bent 414 x 300 x 95 mm / 16.2 x 11.8 x 3.7 inch
    screwed to the front panel

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