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Front panels

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Bending | Canting

From simple sheet metal components to complex bent precision parts: with our hydraulic CNC-bending press, we knock everything into shape. The CNC-controlled back stop and the quick change tool system improve our flexibility and productivity.

The following key data concerning our offer in the field of bending/canting/smaching

  • bending with a pressing force of 85t pressure
    The angle sensor detects thickness tolerances in the sheet metal. Upon the first deviation, the rebound is measured by the sensors by means of angle measurement. If the angle lies within the tolerance range of +/-0.3° end bending is required.
  • bending Z-edings
  • radius bends up to radius 50
  • roll bending up to 1.20 m widht
  • folding a length to 2.50 m up

Roll bending

Roll bending up to 1.20 m width possible


The blanks are sheared either with an hydraulic plate shear or with a punching machine, depending on the project. Both metals and plastic materials can be sheared with great precision.

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