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Optical Bonding

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Here are sticked together both touch screens and glass plates with each other ("Optical bonding 1") or with the display ("Optical bonding 2") under clean-room conditions.

The advantages

  • less reflection
  • longer service life
  • higher robustness
  • no condensation
  • dust-free execution
  • improved appearance

without Optical Bonding

with Optical Bonding

  • less reflection - by sticking together the glass plates light refraction is reduced and the contrast increased. Therefore better readability without higher power consumption even in case of critical lighting conditions
  • improved appearance - improved appearance of the display to the user
  • dust-free execution - by cleanroom production is the inclusion prevents particles and consequent visual impact
  • no condensation - as there is no air gap between glass plate and touch screen or display, no moisture can penetrate and settle out, condensation is excluded.
  • higher robustness - a bonded design is more stable and resistant against mechanical loads, thus the device becomes generally more robust, too.
  • longer service life - by closing the isolating air gap between the glass plates heat can escape to the outside, a better heat dissipation is created.

We offer our Optical Bonding Service - independently or complementary for every available display. The standard use Wet-Bonding material based on a acrylat system and has the following advantages:

  • curing also in covered areas (e.g. printing) possible
  • high adhesive power
  • avoid delamination effects
  • silicone-fee for sensible parts

Addionally we have also experience in qualification and procurement of displays.

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