Front panels made by WÖHR

Front panels

in all shapes, colours and materials

Drilling, countersinking, grinding and much more

Step by step to your final product

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Take advantage of our extensive range: we have got our own mechanics, this means short distances and a huge manufacturing width and depth enable us to realize short-term delivery. From individual manufacture to series production, we make it possible.

Here a small selection of our possibilities – do not hesitate to ask for!

  • drilling, CNC or hand-held machines
  • countersinking
  • thread cutting
  • no broken die or waste
  • torque-controlled
  • depth-controlled
  • production at optimal cutting speed
  • integrated tool wear detection
  • optimization of lubricants
  • quality certificate/-documentation optionally available
  • serial and parallel interfaces optionally available
  • shaping
  • engraving
  • punching
  • grinding (hand-held or machine) and deburring
  • for finishing, deburring or for refining the surface texture for a matte or glossy finish.
    Your advantage: Our high quality belt sander for example brush touches, decorative cuts or for polishing
  • deburring by brushing, grinding, additionally our blast machine can also be used for deburring
  • pressing bolts

Printed circuit boards, mounting plates etc. are mounted by means of threaded pins or nuts inserted into front plates or enclosures. They are either pressed in or welded.The pressing-in of the studs on machines that are especially developed for this purpose ensures a positive connection and that it is permanently free of play by means of cold deformation starting from a sheet thickness of 0.5 mm. Further advantages of this technique are its very high process capability and the possibility to combine different materials (e.g. steel or stainless steel bolts are used with plastics or light metals).

  • and much more...

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