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Front panels

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Our offer for you in the field of welding

The edges of the processed and formed enclosures are welded together to get them firmly bonded. These procedures can be offered for all metals thanks to various different welding methods. By means of appropriate spot welding processes we can join two metal sheets together or double them. Addition hereto, we have the process of laser welding. 

  • spot welding to join two metal sheets or double them
  • laser welding
  • stud welding

Printed circuit boards, mounting plates etc. are mounted by means of threaded pins or nuts inserted into front plates or enclosures. They are either pressed in or welded.

A stud welding system with process control ensures a perfect connection between the stud and the basic material. In addition we can supply the best possible precision of positioning and high productivity by our high-quality welding machine. Due to the very low penetration depth, stud welding is mostly used with thin-walled sheets from 0.5 mm thickness.

However, the welding process leaves no traces on most sheets. Even with thin sheets, no marks, discolorings or deformations are created on the rear side (visible side), also in the case of plastic-coated or electroplated surfaces.

Laser welding

By laser welding we are now able to edit and combine materials such as copper, aluminium, etc. materials which where hard to or even not to weld so far. As well as mm-thick sheet metals or very fine wires.

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